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From "Robert Dale" <>
Subject Re: cannot use a samba share as managed repository
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:49:45 GMT
You should mount the share locally.  Java does not have built-in
support for accessing smb shares.

Robert Dale

On 3/20/07, nicolas de loof <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like my managed repository to be stored on a file server. I can acces it
> using a smb share : \\servfichier\Maven_Repository\public
> The URL file://///servfichier/Maven_Repository/public/ works well to acces
> it
> When I configure Archiva using this path, the artifact request fails in the
> DAVRepository class.
> The constructor of this class builds an URI from the File. From
> \\servfichier\Maven_Repository\public as a File, the URI is
> file:/servfichier/Maven_Repository/public/ that is invalid.
> This URI is built using the JRE File class and it's toURI() and normalize()
> methods. So I don't know if I missunderstood the use of windows-share under
> Java.
> All this relates to class from it.could.webdav, so maybe this is not the
> best place to ask for this...

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