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From "Stefan Hübner" <>
Subject Handling of Snapshots broken?
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 16:11:47 GMT
Hey all,

I've set up an instance of Archiva based on Rev 486213 and a patch to
MRM-212. Works fine so far - except for one thing.

Archiva hosts an indexed repo with snapshots included
("inhouse-snapshots") and some snapshot-artifacts have been uploaded

The repo is browsable using the URL
<host>/archiva/repository/inhouse-snapshots/ and I can see the
artifacts there.

But those same artifacts aren't visible if I chose to "browse" not
that very repo but the whole of archiva's artifacts-tree (using the
left "Browse"-Button). on the other side I can search them and they
will be found.

then, in the report for the snapshot-repo, there are many entries that
artifacts are out of place. Like:

    *  The artifact is out of place. It does not match the specified
location in the repository pom:

com / incowia / parent | Version(s): 5-20061219.134431-1


    * Artifact version 5-SNAPSHOT found in the repository but missing
in the metadata.

com / incowia / parent | Version(s):

What's going on there? Anybody with an idea or similar experience?


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