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Subject Proxy settings
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 10:19:00 GMT

We're using maven for internal development. Since the internet as a whole 
and our connection to it especially are not always reliable (for example, 
a new version of a virus checker sometimes starts to block out maven 
downloads), we wanted to use Archiva as a local cache of the central maven 

As it is right now, I have to configure each repository individually. What 
we would prefer is a setting which makes Archiva the default proxy for 
maven so all external connections are made over it.

This would allow us to keep local copies of all artefacts so internet 
outages wouldn't affect us anymore. Also, we could fix broken packages 
locally. Ideally, there should be two caches: One with stable version for 
development and one which can update itself with the current versions from 
the internet.

Is this possible?


Aaron Digulla

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