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From Max Bowsher <>
Subject Re: Proxy vs. Repository URLs
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 15:41:37 GMT
Joakim Erdfelt wrote:
> One future feature for archiva is to manage the pom internal
> repositories to point to itself.
> In other words, if archiva is told to proxy central, and a pom gets
> pulled down pointing to a new repository of say ...
> <repository>
>   <id></id>
>   <url></url>
> </repository>
> then archiva should replace that entry with itself so that the requests
> at the maven client continue to hit the corporate repository.

I have some doubt that such a thing would be a good idea.

First, there's the issue of whether archiva ought to be modifying the
content it serves, and how this will break checksums.

However, more importantly, this would mean that knowledge about proxy
specific URLs was being embedded into POMs in the local repository. This
would be a severe problem for laptop users who use a variety of
different profiles to vary mirror settings dependent on location. It
would also make things unnecessarily difficult for people in any
situation to cleanly and simply change their proxy configuration in any way.

Perhaps instead, this could be handled by linked improvements in maven
and archiva, allowing maven to autodiscover the list of repositories an
archiva instance is proxying, given only the base url of the archiva

Or, alternatively, a maven could operate some simple encoding scheme,
contacting archiva passing on the full upstream URL that it is
interested, and archiva could either serve it, or decline.

Either option would avoid the mirror configuration becoming entangled in
the local repository, which I think is a very important thing.


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