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From "Mohni, Daniel" <>
Subject observations on daily build of 20061115
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 14:31:57 GMT

today I rebuild archiva to check the current state, 
after some testing of the webapp in tomcat I decide
to install this on our development environment.

just some hints about configuration of the repositories
in the settings.xml

-> proxied repositories should be accessed using the 'proxy'
   in the url to get the download from remote servers to work

-> repository that are not proxied should be accessed
   with 'repository' in the url

what is not working:

the download button when browsing artefacts is not working,
but I don't realy need this...

repository access is not working with . in the url

-> ../repository/3p_release/net.sf.ehcache/ehcache/1.2/ehcache-1.2.jar

this works with the proxy access

-> ../proxy/maven_release/net.sf.ehcache/ehcache/1.2/ehcache-1.2.jar

I'll try dav upload tomorrow if I find the way to configure it ;-)
maybe I have to setup a user in archiva and give hime the correct


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