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From Martin Stockhammer <>
Subject Re: JPA Implementation
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2017 16:07:41 GMT

seems OK for me. I'm on vacation this week. I will prepare the branch next week.



Am 1. Januar 2017 09:23:18 MEZ schrieb Olivier Lamy <>:
>Hi Martin,
>Great effort!!
>So I did more cleanup on redback-core jpa branch :-)
>Why not bump the version to 3.x and create a 2.x branch based on
>IMHO we can get rid of JdoDataManagementTool.
>Cheers and happy new year!!
>On 30 December 2016 at 21:11, Martin <> wrote:
>> Hi Olivier,
>> I didn't have much time the last month, so no much work has be done
>> last
>> time on the JPA implementation.
>> But the last days I think I managed to fit the implementation to the
>> existing
>> database schema of the JDO implementation. My first tests with an
>> JDO
>> database did not show any errors. But currently I do not know, if the
>> schema
>> differs for other database backends (Oracle, mysql, ...).
>> My last commit on the JPA branch removed the maven dependencies on
>the JDO
>> implementations, because I changed the datasource of the JPA
>> implementation to
>> the same as the JDO implementation and that means both cannot be run
>> simultaneously.
>> Before that, using both parallel worked because they were connected
>> different databases.
>> So I'm not sure how to proceed. The merge into the master branch
>means a
>> big
>> change and may lead to problems / incompatibilities that are
>currently not
>> known. And after removing the JDO implementation there is no (fast)
>> back.
>> But in my opinion that needs to be done.
>> One thing that is currently not migrated is the
>JdoDataManagementTool. I
>> think
>> that is used for backups, but I'm not sure, if it is/was used
>anywhere. If
>> you
>> think it's used, I will investigate it, but creating a JPA
>> with
>> the same XML schema may be a big task.
>> So if it's OK, I would try cleanup the last remaining JDO
>> delete
>> the JDO projects from the git tree and make the JPA branch ready for
>> merging
>> into the master branch. If you think we should do more testing, or if
>> like
>> to do a code review, tell me.
>> Greetings and a healthy start into the new year.
>> Martin
>Olivier Lamy
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