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From Matt Ledger <>
Subject Archiva Init Script
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2016 12:18:13 GMT

I'm using Archiva on a Debian 8.6 box, but it wasn't playing nicely with

I installed it in the standalone configuration, it was working perfectly
with /etc/init.d/archiva start|stop.  However during system boot it would
fail to start.

It took me quite a while to find the problem, eventually I narrowed it down
to the su to the archiva user in the checkUser() function.  For some reason
it was returning exit code 1 instead of 0:

su -m $RUN_AS_USER -c "$REALPATH" $2

I shamelessly copied the su command from the Jenkins init script and it
seemed to fix the problem, it works fine with systemd now:

/bin/su -l $RUN_AS_USER --shell=/bin/bash -c "$REALPATH $2"

I'm not an expert on init, systemd or su, so the above might be very poor

I tried to find the init file on github to submit a change, but can't find
it anywhere - is it stored somewhere else?

Apologies if this is specific only to my system, or I've made another error
that is specific only to me, but I've spend a few days trying to get to the
bottom of it and if someone else can benefit from my toil then that would
be great.


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