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From Martin <>
Subject Re: New redback modules
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2016 10:56:50 GMT
So, as I can see it seems to be more a packaging / dependency problem. 
The new modules are not copied to WEB-INF/lib of the created application. 

So I think I have to mention the modules somewhere in the pom.xml as 
dependency. But currently I do not know where. They are added as modules to 
the parent module (e.g. redback-users-provider), but I think they must be 
added somewhere else. redback-users-ldap and redback-users-jdo seems to be 
loaded by some magic, or deeper dependencies that I currently  do not see.



Am Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016, 22:27:18 CEST schrieb Martin:
> Hi,
> I currently try to load the new redback jpa modules into the archiva
> application. But I'm a bit lost. The spring-context.xml seems not to be
> loaded from these files. So how does the spring starter know which context
> files to load? Is there anywhere a master file or something, or does it
> only work by classpath scanning? If so, do I have to add additionally
> somewhere the dependencies to these modules?
> Greetings
> Martin

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