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From Martin <>
Subject RepositoryModelResolver and ProxyConnector
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2016 20:42:45 GMT

stumbled over the issue MRM-1926 after I found some invalid checksum files in 
one of my own repositories.
I think I have fixed it, but there are parts of the code that seem to be 
redundant (downloading the artifacts). 


I found this comment: 
    // FIXME: we need to do some refactoring, we cannot re-use the proxy 
components of archiva-proxy in maven2-repository
    // because it's causing a cyclic dependency
    private boolean getModelFromProxy( RemoteRepository remoteRepository, 
String groupId, String artifactId,
                                       String version, String filename )

Do you know what's the cause of this cyclic dependency here? 
I just like to understand and maybe keep a reminder that there is something 
that should be changed.

And currently it's not obvious to me why there are to places where artifacts 
are downloaded from remote repositories. Do you know in which cases the 
ModelResolver downloads the artifact and when the ProxyConnector?



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