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From Martin <>
Subject Authenticator change
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2016 18:00:46 GMT
Hi Olivier,

I think my last commits to the master that should improve the error handling, 
if LDAP is not configured properly, shifted the problem to a new location.

The LDAP authentication is not mandatory, if I see this correctly. 

Problem is, that if LDAP is not configured correctly a autowiring exception 
occurs at the next start, because the LdapConnectionFactory cannot be 
initialized. Which leads to a complete startup failure. I'm not sure, if this 
was the case before my commit. 

I think exceptions during autowiring, are only OK for mandatory beans, but the 
LDAPAuthenticator is not mandatory.
My fix needs a new method isValid() of the Authenticator and 
I added the fix to a new branch 'validauth' for review. Could you please 
check, if this is the right way. 
The unit tests are not checked in this branch. I will adapt them, if you agree 
to the implementation.



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