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From "Matt Magoffin" <">
Subject Help understanding RepositoryContentConsumer API
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 22:58:43 GMT

I have been working on a RepositoryContentConsumer implementation to
generate OSGi bundle repository metadata XML file. It mostly works, except
that I think I'm not quite understanding the "executeOnEntireRepo" flag in
this method:

void beginScan( ManagedRepository repository, Date whenGathered, boolean
executeOnEntireRepo ) throws ConsumerException;

The issue I have is that I want to know if I am just performing an
incremental scan of the repository vs. the entire repository, i.e. from
executing "Directories Scanning" action from the web UI. If the scan is
incremental, I want to preserve the existing OBR metadata and just add the
changes, otherwise I want to generate the metadata file from scratch.

I had thought the executeOnEntireRepo flag would tell me if the scan was
incremental, but it does not seem that is true. Can you tell me then, from
this API, how I might tell the difference between an incremental scan and
a full scan?


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