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From "Matt Magoffin" <>
Subject Re: Help understanding RepositoryContentConsumer API
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2014 19:37:04 GMT
I'm sorry I'm replying to my own email... I was not yet subscribed to the
list when I sent my previous message. This is in reply to Brett's response
on the 7th of July:

Thank you Brett for your reply.

> A whole repo scan can either be incremental (files newer than
"changesSince" in the scanner
> instance), or process all ("changesSince" will probably be epoch/null).
I thought that was
> passed through to the consumer as "whenGathered", but it doesn't seem to
be the case.

If the "whenGathered" date was set to the epoch or null, or perhaps the
RepositoryScanner.FRESH_SCAN constant (with a value of 0), that would
indicate to my consumer that a "full" scan were being performed. But when
I do initiate the Directory Scan from the UI, the "whenGathered" is set to
the current time.

> We could probably add some more hooks into the overall process if you
wanted to propose such
> a change?
> Or is processing updates and deletions sufficient to maintain the
metadata, without having
> to start from scratch?

If I could process updates and deletions, and know they were such, I could
maintain the metadata appropriately, yes. The reason I want to re-create
the metadata is for the case when something is deleted. I don't see how I
get informed of deletions in the RepositoryContentConsumer API, however.
Is there a way to get notified of them?


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