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From "Matt Magoffin" <>
Subject Re: Help understanding RepositoryContentConsumer API
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2014 19:00:56 GMT
>> Is there a way to know, however, if the user has initiated a full
>> directory scan from the UI, so that I might recreate the metadata.xml
>> from
>> scratch? I thought this would be nice, just in case something is missed
> you have the boolean executeOnEntireRepo
> I reckon the api could be improve to be more easily extensible but
> this need to fully break the api....

Thanks, Olivier. I had thought this was the case as well, but it seems
that "true" is passed here even during incremental updates.

> @apache we cannot accept any GPLv* contributions.
> So yes if you want to contribute it, you must change it to Apache license.

Sure, I can switch this code to the Apache license.

-- m@

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