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From Sascha Vogt <>
Subject Degrading upload performance during day
Date Thu, 15 May 2014 08:24:13 GMT
Hi all,

we're experiencing a strange behavior in our Archiva instance (latest

During the day, the upload performance from Jenkins degrades heavily. We
have a job which uploads a few hundred artifacts and in the morning this
takes between 50 seconds and 1:10. During the day this gets slower and
slower (around 1 PM we're at 3-5 minutes, at 4 PM we're usually between
8-11 minutes). This is with no other uploads running in parallel and I
don't see any load on the Archiva server.

Then after a night has passed, we're back to 50 seconds and the same
starts over.

Is there anything which could cause this? I checked, the repo scanning
queue and index queue are 0 when I start my tests. I also don't see any
big network or IO load which could explain it. And as this is now for
over a week, ever day the same, I suspect it is something inside Archvia.

Are there any jobs running at night / once a day, which could explain
the behavior? Something within Jackrabbit? The index? Is it that we run
the repo crons at night (1 am) and they do some sort of cleanup?


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