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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Improvements to search [was: Performance issues after upgrading to 2.0.1]
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 23:43:30 GMT
On 23 April 2014 23:59, Sascha Vogt <> wrote:
> Here is the follow-up:
> Am 23.04.2014 15:18, schrieb Sascha Vogt:
>> Nevertheless, will open a few issues, and propose a few things over at
>> the dev ML.
> First of all while debugging we found a few issues:
> There is a NPE when browsing artifacts which have dependencies in scope
> import: - I made a pull request
> on Github
> Second: - Limit the results
> directly in the search, not only in the UI. As a "workaround" for now, I
> proposed a fix which takes the page size and the current page into
> account. If I saw it correctly, currently the UI will always only
> display 30 results at max and do the pagination on the frontend.

Great I will apply your prs

> Now in general a few things, which I think improve the situation:
> 1. The max count should be changeable (at least when using advanced
> parameters)
> 2. Don't duplicate the results for each version, instead do it like
> -> Display the latest version only and give a link to
> the artifact (which has all the versions listed) and telling only the
> number of other versions available
> How do others feel about those changes? If everyone can aggree on them,
> I'll open an issue and see, if I can work on it.

Both sounds good!

> Greetings
> -Sascha-

Olivier Lamy
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