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From Sascha Vogt <>
Subject Re: Improvements to search [was: Performance issues after upgrading to 2.0.1]
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 09:15:13 GMT

>> Am 23.04.2014 15:18, schrieb Sascha Vogt:
>> Now in general a few things, which I think improve the situation:
>> 1. The max count should be changeable (at least when using advanced
>> parameters)
>> 2. Don't duplicate the results for each version, instead do it like 
>> -> Display the latest version only and give a link to 
>> the artifact (which has all the versions listed) and telling only the 
>> number of other versions available
>> How do others feel about those changes? If everyone can aggree on 
>> them, I'll open an issue and see, if I can work on it.

I created

I'm a bit tight on time, as I'm moving flats this weekend. As soon as I
have set myself up there I'll try to address them. If you have any more
suggestions or additions - just post them to the issues.

By the way, if some of the more experienced devs find time, please go
ahead ;) These issues are by no means "reserved" to me

A few general dev questions:
1. would it be OK to change the .gitignore to also include the typical
Eclipse project files (.project, .classpath and .settings/*)

2. What is the easiest for you to apply patches? Are these Github
Pull-Requests OK? Or is there something else which is easier for you?

3. At least under Windows I have issues getting the tests to run, any
tips? Will try on my Mac, if this should work better

4. What would you recommend as IDE? Does anybody of the core devs run


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