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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Apache Archiva 2.0.0-RC1
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00:20:29 GMT

On 21 Jan 2014, at 9:18 am, Olivier Lamy <> wrote:

> On 20 January 2014 15:27, Brett Porter <> wrote:
>> 1) can't change ARCHIVA_BASE variable when using the service wrapper.
>> This is due to a change in the AppAssembler plugin that I don't agree with, but haven't
had the time to revise it yet. I have a workaround we can apply in Archiva - will roll through
that later this evening.
> ? I miss your point.

If you set the ARCHIVA_BASE variable before starting to use a different conf/log directory,
it ignores it (the wrapper.conf ends up with set.ARCHIVA_BASE=. instead of set.default.ARCHIVA_BASE=.).

>> 2) Next was this error:
>> jvm 1    | org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating
bean with name 'managedRepositoryAdmin#default': Invocation of init method failed; nested
exception is org.apache.archiva.admin.model.RepositoryAdminException: Cannot forcefully unlock
a NativeFSLock which is held by another indexer component: /var/local/archiva/data/indexes/com.maestrodev.maestro.releases/write.lock
>> This happened because there was a stage repository using the same indexDir. I removed
the configuration from the stage directory - but do we need to force some upgrade here?
>> 3) Need to make sure upgrade notes take care of context-root change (they may do,
I haven't had a chance to check that just yet)
>> Only got as far as starting it up, so will do more testing.
>> Should we move forward on the redback / parent releases to get them out of the way
while the overall stuff proceeds?
> I wanted to avoid too many votes :-)

Should be easy to pass some of the votes while RC might get re-made - I'm finding it hard
to build everything right now because they depend on staged bits :)

- Brett

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