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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Issues with #1193 (M4-SNAPSHOT)
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 18:06:25 GMT
2013/3/5 Chris Graham <>:
> Hey All.
> Whilst fresh, I thought that I'd drop a list of issues/things I'd noticed.
> 1. The login page. Remember Me does not appear to work.
Are you using localhost hostname ? I noticed issue too with localhost
(but didn't investigate more my bad) BTW that work fine with real
> 2. Click on Roles. You get to see the Roles Management page. This data is
> good. Click on the Edit link, and the result is empty.
Nothing in logs and/or in javascript console ?
> 3. Click on Roles. Click on the Edit button for one of the roles. The list
> of users assigned that role is blank (and incorrect).
> 4. Not sure on this one, but the initial response to a login can take an
> aweful long time. Not sure if this is a caching issue.
can be as we do some caching (but must not be so so long).

BTW thanks to be an early tester of trunk :-).
NOTE: I'm doing some changes. So to avoid any issues before restarting
with a new deployed version. Take to change the value of a flag in
archiva.xml file.

ensure to have:

> -Chris

Olivier Lamy
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