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From Per Arnold Blaasmo <>
Subject Re: Supporting ivy repo
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 08:22:28 GMT
On 14. mars 2012 09:00, Olivier Lamy wrote:
> 2012/3/13 Per Arnold Blaasmo <>:
>> Hi guys! I am still trying to get this Ivy repository support. Its been
>> on and of working with it, but...
>> I have some problem understand where in the code the choice of the
>> repository gets taken.
>> It seems to me that there is somewhat hard coded to choose the 'default'
>> (which is maven2) different places in the code.
> some (all) of us come from the maven land :P

I come from the embedded land developing software tools for embedded
developers. Guess there is some distance to travel from embedded land to
maven land ;-)

>> Have I just taken on a to big task here or?
> Yup you have taken a "medium" task here :-).
OK, I guess that is the hard way to learn something new :-)

> I wanted to work on that (a plugin mechanism) after I finish the ui
> rewrite. The goal will be to have an extension point (called it
> "repository type") where display repository content will use the
> plugin mechanism too.
OK, I look forward to that.
> But I agree it's not yet done  :-)
No, it's not :-) There seems to be the notion of plugins in Archiva, but
no plugin mechanism?

> I tend to say reusing the current classes/bean to display ivy repo
> content can be the good direction but you will have to extends/change
> some for ivy purpose.
Yes, that is what I have started with. The "Ivy Plugin" compiles and are
added to the finished artifact, but not called/used anywhere yet.

I am working on rewriting it to cope with ivy-specifics.

Per A.

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