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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Archiva memory settings and stability
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 06:09:19 GMT

In MRM-1549, the -Xms was increased to 512m. This is very high for a starting point - would
it be better to use the default settings, but let it grow to the upper setting? It is quite
costly on memory when I run it on my local machine.

A couple of years back I did a lot of profiling to try and get it as lean as possible, so
that we could run a minimal instance - this is something I'd like to do again before 1.4.
Between the large number of classes to load and other memory use it's becoming impractical
to run that way again :)

Also, I've noticed that the latest milestones are still not very stable on vmbuild, restarting
once or twice a day. Is anyone else seeing similar problems?


Brett Porter

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