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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Archiva refactoring
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 14:11:08 GMT

On 20/08/2011, at 3:33 AM, Olivier Lamy wrote:

>> Is this duplication of "remote" type code, or business logic? I would have thought
the actual remote stuff would be a pretty thin layer, and that most would live in search or
the repository API, or a "repository admin API" (which is probably a combination of the current
configuration module + the code that is in the web app now)
> dupe are wrappers and some thin logic (bean/datas validation too).
> Have a look at the addManagedRepo part in webapp and xmlrpc (and now
> in rest part :-) )
> BTW not critical or a big issue just a cleanup to do :-).
> That's why I wanted to move some of those dups in a new module
> (archiva-remote-layer ? Maye I'm not really good enough in marketing
> to find the good name :-) )
> Let me know

A lot of this particular one is staging, which I aim to reduce (I'm part way through removing
the additional managed repository configuration as it should be implicit).

I do think most of this is the repository admin, so a repository admin API would make sense…

… etc.

That's instead of calling it a "remote layer" - because a lot of this has nothing to do with
being remote (except that a user requested it… but a Java app embedding Archiva could request
these too).

The tricky bit is perhaps that security is isolated to the web modules at the moment, and
these modules to cover security operations too - these could either stay in the current code
(if it's a 1-liner), or be added to archiva-security I guess.

Does that make sense?

- Brett

Brett Porter

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