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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: using archiva as a p2 repository
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 20:21:20 GMT

On 18/08/2011, at 5:53 AM, Johannes Utzig wrote:

> Sorry for the long background story, but now finally to my questions. I'd greatly appreciate
if somebody could help me out with these:
> 1. I think this would be a very helpful feature for users of tycho and archiva and I'd
like to make this (once finished) available as open source. I was wondering if this is something
you'd be interested in hosting directly as an apache archive component


Is it against 1.3.x or trunk?

> 2. I could not find a way in the consumer API to determine if the 'Process All Artifacts'
checkbox in 'admin/repositories.action' was activated before the scan got triggered. A full
scan is the perfect time to throw away the old artifacts.jar and content.jar, but if the checkbox
is not activated, I end up with an incomplete repository. At the moment I have overridden
isProcessUnmodified() and return true. That works, but is unfortunately very very expensive
for this kind of consumer if the repository is reasonably large.

If I understand correctly, it might be better to add a hook to allow the custom code to remove
the old files at the start of the scan when that is checked, and not otherwise - rather than
putting it in the consumer API itself?

> 3. I also could not find a way to get an event when a file is deleted. How can a consumer
find out when an artifact gets deleted? Especially with snapshots being always unique since
maven 3, the p2 files will quickly explode when old snapshot entries don't get deleted regulary…

Implementors of archiva-modules/archiva-base/archiva-repository-layer/src/main/java/org/apache/maven/archiva/repository/events/

(though it may not be consistently used for some deletions).

- Brett

Brett Porter

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