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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Some refactoring [was Re: [DISCUSS] Archiva as an OSGi OBR/EBR ]
Date Mon, 02 May 2011 20:52:53 GMT

On 03/05/2011, at 1:18 AM, Olivier Lamy wrote:

> Hello,
> Looks to be a nice feature.
> But more generally could we think about some other refactoring ?
> I have some ideas :
> * ui , move to an other framework I have in mind : gwt, vaadin ....
> (it looks ace use vaadin ?)

I think this is a good idea - though the more important prerequisite is to pull any functional
code that's embedded in the current UI out so you can deploy a working Archiva without the
webapp (if it were a set of OSGi bundles, or a thinner webapp that just has the REST/WS layer).
One of the important changes that is still in progress is to be able to run Archiva with less
of it's stuff enabled - e.g. just a thin proxy on your localhost, but the full app somewhere

If we can do that split, then you can keep the current UI working through releases while a
new one is built up.

I'm open to either Vaadin or GWT. Haven't evaluated them myself. They seem the two best choices.
I'm also interested in Sling (which may be complementary), since it's very REST oriented and
could make it very easy to deal with custom content.

> * removing all the current plexus(-spring) old components to real/only
> spring components (this could be already done in trunk ? ) (or an
> other container ?)

Been meaning to do that for a while. The sooner the better...

I tend to prefer Guice more, but Spring is what we have now, but all the programming is in
Plexus :)

> * remove redback and use something else for authz and role management (shiro ? )

That's also been on the TODO list for some time, though I think we want to make sure we don't
lose any functionality along the way. Maybe one option is for Redback to be layered as well
- remove large bits of it's internals and replace with Shiro, then split the "content" part
up so that it's not so dependant on Struts. It could again keep working while an alternative
was built...

> WDYT ?

Glad to see all the interest! Let me know how I can help you get started :)

- Brett

Brett Porter

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