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From Brett Porter <>
Subject folding Redback into Archiva or Continuum?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 12:57:44 GMT
(Apologies for cross-posting - replies are best sent back to dev@redback, unless it's specific
to one of the other projects).

After initial attempts to gain external interest, some time has elapsed and it seems obvious
that Redback hasn't been used outside of Continuum and Archiva. Further, it is unlikely to
grow in the way they use it. I'm not sure it makes sense to remain as a standalone project,
and it appeals to me to have all of the code under Apache. Less lists to subscribe to and
more consolidated activity makes sense to me too.

It's also true that moving doesn't buy much immediate benefit other than consolidation, so
maybe it is fine where it is :)

If it were to move, as it's unlikely to establish it's own community, I don't think incubation
would make sense. Instead, after clearing the IP, I would suggest a subproject of either Continuum
or Archiva. In terms of committer overlap, the larger overlap of distinct committers is with
Continuum (Marica and Olivier) vs Archiva (James), with Marica being the most recently active.

Given that, I would think a subproject of Continuum makes sense - but that we should agree
that all Archiva committers should have commit access to it and a binding vote on any releases.
Does anyone feel strongly it should be the other way around?

What do others think? If it's worth doing I will call a formal vote.


Brett Porter

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