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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: consumer documentation out of date?
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 11:30:16 GMT

On 18/11/2010, at 1:57 PM, Deng Ching wrote:

>> What I meant by # 1 was there any specific pom config that I needed to do in
>> order to build a plugin.  e.g. in the doc in the website it talks about the
>> plexus-maven-plugin.  I'll start with just using the archiva-consumers as my
>> parent.
> It shouldn't be necessary to use archiva-consumers as parent, but
> there's no problem in using it too.

Using this would only make sense if it's to be contributed into Archiva though - otherwise
you'll end up wanting your own parent structure.

> As an additional note, if you will be using Plexus to wire the
> components in your consumer instead of Spring, you'd need to have this
> configuration in your POM:
>     <plugin>
>        <groupId>org.codehaus.plexus</groupId>
>        <artifactId>plexus-component-metadata</artifactId>
>        <version>1.0-beta-3.0.5</version>
>        <executions>
>          <execution>
>            <id>generate</id>
>            <phase>generate-resources</phase>
>            <goals>
>              <goal>generate-metadata</goal>
>            </goals>
>          </execution>
>        </executions>
>      </plugin>
> We've replaced the plexus-maven-plugin with the above. This is already
> configured in archiva-consumers POM 1.3.1, so if you're using that as
> your parent already, you don't need to configure the above plugin in
> your consumer's POM.

This (and hopefully the docs) should continue to work. The Plexus API and metadata has been
fully mapped onto Spring. However, if you want to update it to use Spring directly this plugin
won't be needed (and we'd be most appreciated of an updates to the docs along those lines!)


Brett Porter

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