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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: reviewing the staging branch
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2010 15:55:37 GMT
What's the latest on this? I've had trouble following all the issues, but it'd be good to have
a summary of where it's at.

Any plans to merge to trunk, release a milestone, etc. in the near future?

- Brett

On 09/07/2010, at 11:14 AM, Eshan Sudharaka wrote:

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Brett Porter <>
> Date: Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 1:38 PM
> Subject: reviewing the staging branch
> To:
> Hi Eshan,
> I've just had a quick review of the staging branch. It looks close to
> working for the file merge. It would be good to move forward soon because
> there's many other things to do! :)
> We've been going around a few alternatives for the API, and I think it would
> be good to clean it up and finalise it.
> These are the current issues in the code I think need cleaning up:
> - there's a lot of use of fields - but the classes are only instantiated
> once by Spring. This means they aren't thread-safe, and overly complicated
> to work with (for example, the setters calling other setters). The
> operations don't need any state since they are meant to be done in one go,
> so the data can be passed to the merge() method
> - the test code is running inside src/ instead of target/ - this means the
> source code gets changed (and these changes appear in patches...). Also, the
> test artifacts added to the test repository are a bit confusing - since
> o.a.archiva:archiva is a POM, there shouldn't be JARs. I suggest creating
> new artifacts for merging tests and not modifying the existing
> maven2-repository test.
> - the SourceArtifacts class is now redundant (calling
> metadataRepository.getArtifacts(repo) can be used instead)
> - the old archiva-repository-layer API should not be used (except for the
> RepositoryMetadataMerge class). Use the methods from maven2-repository and
> metadata-model instead. Never use ArchivaArtifact! :) There's a lot of
> manually constructing Maven information, even though the APIs are available
> already - eg RepositoryPathTranslator.
> Here is what I think needs to be done to get the merging API complete based
> on the previous thread:
> First, create an org.apache.archiva.repository.staging.RepositoryMerger
> interface, which is the external interface for those wishing to merge
> repositories (in our case, used from the web application). Probably it has
> these methods:
> void merge( String sourceRepoId, String targetRepoId );
> void merge( String sourceRepoId, String targetRepoId,
> Filter<ArtifactMetadata> filter );
> The filter could be called with "new IncludesFilter( listOfArtifacts )" to
> merge a given list of artifacts, similar to the current lists passed into
> the ArtifactsMerger.
> Second, change ArtifactsMerger to
> org.apache.archiva.repository.staging.Maven2RepositoryMerger and implement
> the RepositoryMerger interface. Move the code from doMerge into here.
> Finally, clean up the code following the comments above.
> After this is done, I think the implementation on the wiki should be made
> more detailed, breaking it down to the tasks remaining, in order, with each
> able to be completed in roughly a week.
> Does that sound like a good plan?
> yes.Thanks.
> Thanks,
> Brett
> --
> Brett Porter
> -- 
> P.A.Eshan Sudharaka
> Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
> University of Moratuwa
> Sri Lanka

Brett Porter

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