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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: A few notes on new repository API
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 04:22:17 GMT

On 17/06/2010, at 3:07 PM, Deng Ching wrote:

> A couple of things I noted down for the new repository API while working on
> the generic metadata:
> 1. further improvements on generic metadata:
>    - metadata can be displayed by category (hierarchical) for easier
> viewing

This would be if you want to view all the metadata, instead of the generic one (which is not
hierarchical, unless you change the way it is handled).

>    - implement a new plugin for the rating instead of including this in the
> generic metadata (which is shown as key-value pairs) as suggested by Brett

What I meant here is that if you want to do something on repeated instances, it'd be better
to have a plugin (and standard namespace), that can validate the data and do more complicated
handling, rather than requiring some additional naming convention. These are pretty simple
pieces of code after all - but the generic one is still useful for those that want to just
use a particular annotation internally without any new code.

> 2. make the location of the metadata repository (currently stored in the
> file system) configurable

The file-based implementation is still only a proof of concept anyway - if we decide to harden
that and use it I agree. But I personally would like to try and make JCR work and see how
well it performs.

>    - one potential problem with having the default location in the root
> directory of the actual repository is that the metadata repo can get
> included if you run merge the Archiva repo to another repo (ex., running mvn
> stage:copy in a staging repo)

I think this is a fault of that goal more than Archiva :) That shouldn't impact the merge
implementation happening now. We ignore all those in the scanning.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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