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From "Jevica Arianne B. Zurbano" <>
Subject Re: MRM-1345
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 04:31:44 GMT

Deng Ching wrote:
>> This
>> is what I have seen so far. Can I ask enlightenment about the "
>> addition of features such as creating incremental indexes" ?
> This feature refers to and it
> is also worth reading
> better understand it.
> For the implementation of this in Archiva, I think this can either be
> attached/added to the existing indexer consumer or add a new consumer that
> specifically creates the incremental index. I prefer the latter so that the
> user can control whether to turn it on and off, separate from the generation
> of the full index.
> BTW, you can create a separate sub-task for this to keep it separate from
> the other changes related to the upgrade :)

There are issues linked to the upgrade issue which I think covers the 
incremental index
MRM-119 - Downloadable incremental repository indexes and common 
embedder API
MRM-815 - aggregate indices for repository groups




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