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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] MRM-1362 - Add 'CRUD' pages for project-level metadata
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 09:00:15 GMT

On 21/04/2010, at 7:46 PM, Deng Ching wrote:

> This issue pertains specifically to the add, edit, view and delete of the
> in the new content model through the webapp, as
> discussed in
> How It Would Work:
> 1. A new tab named "Project Metadata" in the Artifact browse page will be
> added.

+1 - though "Metadata" is probably long enough

> 2. If a for the artifact already exists, the
> contents will be retrieved then displayed in the "Project Metadata" page.

You shouldn't interact directly with the properties file - the repository API should handle
it all (I'm still prototyping the JCR replacement here).

> The user will have an option to edit and delete the metadata. The metadata
> can be deleted whether it contains any information or not, since it can be
> re-created during the repo scan.

I'm not sure about deleting - things magically coming back through scan would make that confusing.
Might be best to add a note about that when deleting.

>   - Each property or set of properties will be displayed as fields that can
> be modified.


>   - To keep the info in the POM and the project version metadata
> consistent, content that are directly taken from the POM cannot be edited
> nor deleted. But additional data can be added.
>     For example, for the Description property.. the info obtained from the
> POM (<description>) will be displayed as read only. But the user can add
> additional description, which will be stored in a separate property in the

+1, though they won't be able to use "Description". This is something we need to think through
after the first implementation - do we double up the maven values (description and maven:description),
or just keep the one, and if we allow editing how do we make it clear that doesn't reflect
in the POM? For the moment, I think it's best just to make them read-only as you say.

> 3. Otherwise, if a for the artifact does not
> exist, the user will have the option to create the metadata.

This shouldn't be needed - the project will have metadata created just by reading it I think,
and if not you can just assume it's empty and start adding / saving.

> Lastly, only users with Repository Manager roles will have add, update and
> delete access to the project version metadata.

+1 - though I'd make this a separate permission within the role so we can customise later.

How is the implementation going? I have something similar I'd like to try that might build
off your work.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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