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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Dev't documentation for Archiva and MRM-1025
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 05:42:34 GMT

I know we currently have some developer notes in the wiki, but trying to edit documents in
Confluence drives me a little batty and I like to link straight into the javadocs, so I started
documenting the MRM-1025 branch here:

For documentation in general - what would others prefer? Should we continue to use Confluence
(and I can move these across), or would you like to continue these?

I'd appreciate some review of the docs even at this early stage to see if it is starting to
make some sense. The next step is to move the content-model.txt and existing wiki page into
the Metadata document and add more information, and then to fill in the sequencing information
about the repository APIs. Finally, I need to add some documentation of the tasks remaining
to get it to production quality.

I intend to propose this for trunk after these are done, so please take a look through the
code changes if you get a chance. I don't want this to be a 'code bomb' nobody understands


Brett Porter

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