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From Deng Ching <>
Subject Release Archiva 1.3
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 04:32:29 GMT
Hi everyone,

As discussed in
few days ago, because of a new feature and a couple of enhancements,
will be shipping trunk as 1.3 instead of 1.2.3... and now it's time to
release it :)

There are 45 issues that will be included in this release and they are:

    * [MRM-612] - Repository scanning does not recognize newly added
artifacts if they have an old timestamp
    * [MRM-636] - war:inplace usage is not compatible with cobertura
    * [MRM-747] - Archiva should prevent re-deployment of released or
non-snapshot versioned artifacts
    * [MRM-1033] - Changing the location of a scanned repository results to
the contents of the new location not getting indexed
    * [MRM-1228] - Ping service in not working
    * [MRM-1229] - SearchService.quickSearch doesn't return the same result
as the application
    * [MRM-1230] - Type of artifact is allways "pom"
    * [MRM-1231] -  Not authorized to use method with version parameter
    * [MRM-1238] - NPE when updating consumers of known content without
setting any of the checkboxes (enabled)
    * [MRM-1240] - NPE when updating consumers (not setting any of the
checkboxes) of Unprocessed Artifacts and Artifact Cleanup Scanning in
    * [MRM-1243] - Encoding issues with Archiva UI: add Spring
    * [MRM-1246] - MetadataUpdaterConsumer didn't run during a repository
scan after deleting a version of an artifact.
    * [MRM-1249] - Archiva does not respect configuration of the index
    * [MRM-1250] - Granting the Global Repository Manager/System
Administrator role does not automatically assign the Global Repository
Observer role
    * [MRM-1253] - Artifacts cannot be found using the Search function
    * [MRM-1259] - 'index-content' consumer processes all types of files,
slowing down the indexing process
    * [MRM-1265] - .indexer directory should not be scanned
    * [MRM-1266] - results page fails when find artifact returns multiple
    * [MRM-1267] - Hide the sub-topics in documentation menu by default
    * [MRM-1268] - X-Forwarded-Host handling when having more than one proxy
    * [MRM-1272] - Empty Lucene Index
    * [MRM-1274] - SearchService.quickSearch returns artifacts with null as
    * [MRM-1278] - Wrong repository displayed in Archiva browse
    * [MRM-1290] - getDependees always returns results for archiva-test in
    * [MRM-1294] - repository scan period is incorrect
    * [MRM-1305] - Documentation for setting up archiva with tomcat 6
specifies invalid archiva.xml
    * [MRM-1056] - Option to force scanning of an artifact/repository
regardless of file dates
    * [MRM-1251] - Update documentation - Artifacts not displayed in Archiva
GUI after release
    * [MRM-1262] - m2eclipse index should only be created at end of indexing
    * [MRM-1264] - reduce memory used by indexing process
    * [MRM-1270] - Improve message when a user tries to search and the user
does not have access to any repository
    * [MRM-1275] - Include other file types for the index consumer instead
of just the indexable-content
    * [MRM-1185] - Archiva Reporting Modification Request
    * [MRM-1296] - Audit logging report
    * [MRM-1080] - Update SearchServiceImplTest so that it uses the new
search API
    * [MRM-1123] - ensure all nexus indexer dependencies are in central or
built in to JAR appropriately
    * [MRM-1164] - Fix the Selenium tests
    * [MRM-1254] - Add more unit tests for searching artifacts
    * [MRM-1277] - Create Selenium test for advanced search feature
    * [MRM-1281] - remove unused consumers
    * [MRM-1289] - need to document changes to wrapper.conf on upgrade
    * [MRM-1306] - upgrade to jQuery UI 1.7.2 and jQuery 1.3.2
    * [MRM-1309] - Upgrade to Redback 1.2.3
    * [MRM-1241] - Selenium Tests for Repository Scanning and Database
    * [MRM-1257] - Selenium Test for accessing bundled repositories

Of these 45 issues, 3 of them are still open but I think can be resolved by
    * [MRM-1253] - Artifacts cannot be found using the Search function
    * [MRM-1268] - X-Forwarded-Host handling when having more than one proxy
    * [MRM-1309] - Upgrade to Redback 1.2.3

Any thoughts or objections to releasing Archiva 1.3?


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