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From Marc Lustig>
Subject Re: logic to prevent overwriting release-artifacts
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2009 09:56:02 GMT

OK, I agree that instead of adding a permission for overwriting artifacts it
should be sufficient to delete that particlar artifact. The case when you
have to overwrite a whole bunch of artifacts in once should be rather rare.

Yeah, I already filed that a while ago as MRM-992.
And even that was a duplicate for 747.
OK, I will see if I find the time to fix it. The first barrier is to get
acqainted with the code...

brettporter wrote:
> On 24/09/2009, at 10:29 PM, Marc Lustig wrote:
>> So, I propose the following logic to get implemented in Archiva.
>> First of all, by default a release-artifact that is already  
>> published in
>> Archiva may NOT be overwritten.
> +1
>> Furthermore, to provide flexibility for the admins, a new permission
>> property "user may overwrite existing artifacts" should be  
>> introduced. Only
>> users that have this permission may overwrite existing artifacts.
> That may not even be necessary with the existence of delete artifact -  
> they can log in and remove it to be allowed to deploy again.
>> I think this is a pretty consistent solution.
>> Not quite sure because I don't know the code, but the effort for the
>> implementation seems rather small to me, compared with the benefit.
> Wholeheartedly agree! I believe there is already an issue for this if  
> you'd like to work on it.
> Cheers,
> Brett

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