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From Julien HENRY <>
Subject Re : Release Archiva 1.2.2
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 08:03:35 GMT
Hi Deng,

Is it possible to fix REDBACK-233 and include it in Archiva? The fix is trivial and will allow
my english users to work with Archiva.
The issue is when Archiva is deployed on a French JVM, it is not possible to switch to English



De : Deng Ching <>
À :
Envoyé le : Mardi, 18 Août 2009, 5h08mn 57s
Objet : Release Archiva 1.2.2

Hi All,

I'm planning to cut a release of Archiva at the end of the week. So far,
there are 24 issues scheduled for 1.2.2 that have already been resolved:

* [MRM-1168] - A locked user gets HTTP ERROR 500 page when logging in
Artifact Repository page
* [MRM-1196] - checksums are not updated when artifact is re-uploaded
* [MRM-1214] - Web Application Deployment, Troubleshooting
* [MRM-1217] - upgrade standalone bundle to Jetty 6.1.19
* [MRM-1216] - Logging conflict on startup in Jetty bundle
* [MRM-1218] - upgrade to JSP 2.1
* [MRM-1219] - Missing appenders in log4j configuration
* [MRM-1220] - disable Struts devMode
* [MRM-1171] - Archiva 1.2 - Internet Explorer - Search - Anvanced Search -
Advanced Search Fields - Add Search Field (green +)
* [MRM-1212] - create-missing-checksums and metadata-updater sometimes
causes deployments to fail for large projects when enabled
* [MRM-1197] - Random 400 Error when uploading maven-metadata.xml to Archiva
* [MRM-1202] - 404 error when changing password
* [MRM-1163] - Add some decent logs in webdav for debugging purposes
* [MRM-1141] - archiva-cli no longer works
* [MRM-1194] - Archiva doesn't cope with versions in a pom.xml that are
* [MRM-1232] - Unable to get artifacts from repositories which requires
Repository Manager role using repository group
* [MRM-1234] - Typo in Appearance Page
* [MRM-1204] -
org.apache.maven.archiva.repository.project.ProjectModelMerge.merge throws
* [MRM-1085] - CLONE -Failing to startup due to invalid bean definition
* [MRM-1198] - field length for ARCHIVA_SCM.URL is too short
* [MRM-1207] - Make wrapper.log roll each day so it won't get too large
* [MRM-1191] - Add Archiva log files in documentation
* [MRM-1002] - Website navigation links don't work as expected
* [MRM-1182] - Clarify 'delete released snapshots' functionality

While 19 issues are still open:

* [MRM-782] - archiva attempts to get remote version metadata for snapshots,
even if policy disables it
* [MRM-993] - Metadata update should honor proxy connector blacklisting
* [MRM-1066] - Shutdown of Tomcat causes Exception when running Archiva
* [MRM-1097] - Error 500 "too many open files"
* [MRM-1103] - One of our two archiva servers does appear to close file
* [MRM-1146] - [Virtual repo browse] An artifact is immediately proxied from
the remote repo (assuming a proxy connector is configured for the first
repo) if the artifact doesn't exist in the first repo but exists in the
second repo in the group
* [MRM-1149] - White/Blacklist pattern matching doesn't work for
* [MRM-1151] - Error when processing file
* [MRM-1153] - bad component definitions in dependencies can trigger
failures instead of warnings
* [MRM-1155] - m2eclipse - getting index from archiva 1.2 failed
* [MRM-1158] - Maven 1.x deployment fails
* [MRM-1180] - use of Lucene 2.4 creates incompatible Nexus indexes for
consumers with older versions of Lucene
* [MRM-1205] - Should only create tmp directory for managed repository if
the repository has remote repositories
* [MRM-1206] - HTTP ERROR: 500 when adding/deleting artifact, adding
repository/legacy support/network proxies with null values
* [MRM-1175] - archiva-consumer-plugin-archetype: generates code that does
not compile
* [MRM-1235] - Upgrade task for altering the database schema for the changes
in the length of URL fields
* [MRM-1089] - LDAP Support and Documentation
* [MRM-1080] - Update SearchServiceImplTest so that it uses the new search
* [MRM-1123] - ensure all nexus indexer dependencies are in central or built
in to JAR appropriately

I'm planning to push some of the remaining issues to the next release. I've
identified a few which can be included in the 1.2.2 release:

* [MRM-1155] - m2eclipse - getting index from archiva 1.2 failed
* [MRM-1151] - Error when processing file
* [MRM-1205] - Should only create tmp directory for managed repository if
the repository has remote repositories
* [MRM-1066] - Shutdown of Tomcat causes Exception when running Archiva

Any thoughts or comments on this?


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