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From Deng Ching <>
Subject Release 1.2.1
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 02:01:58 GMT
Hi All,

I'm planning to release 1.2.1 tomorrow to fix the NPE issues. So far, these
are the issues that are still open for 1.2.1 in jira:

    * [MRM-1143] - Nexus indexer throws NPE on repository scan
    * [MRM-1155] - m2eclipse - getting index from archiva 1.2 failed
    * [MRM-1157] - Update from 1.1.3 to 1.2 fails with create table error
    * [MRM-1158] - Maven 1.x deployment fails
    * [MRM-1160] - Nexus Indexer throws NPE intermittently on retrieval
    * [MRM-1161] - indexing causes NullPointer when getting a SNAPSHOT that
has been deployed with maven 2.1
    * [MRM-1162] - nexus.index.time always set to 19700101010000.000+0100
    * [MRM-1167] - Quicksearch from the xmlrpc api returns no results
    * [MRM-1171] - Archiva 1.2 - Internet Explorer - Search - Anvanced
Search - Advanced Search Fields - Add Search Field (green +)
    * [MRM-1172] - Invalid version validation error when uploading a jar
with a four-part version number
    * [MRM-1176] - SQLSyntaxErrorException is thrown when browsing for
artifacts after upgrading from 1.3.1 to 1.2
    * [MRM-1179] - NPE retrieving artifacts via http/webdav that are proxied
    * [MRM-1180] - use of Lucene 2.4 creates incompatible Nexus indexes for
consumers with older versions of Lucene
    * [MRM-1080] - Update SearchServiceImplTest so that it uses the new
search API
    * [MRM-1123] - ensure all nexus indexer dependencies are in central or
built in to JAR appropriately

For the DB issues during upgrade (MRM-1176 and 1157), I have proposed a fix
in MRM-1157 but a little hesitant on it so I'm still holding the fix off.
The quick workaround is to wipe out the database & re-build it during
I'm mainly aiming to fix the NPE issues for this release and if I don't have
enough time to fix the rest of the issues in the list, I was thinking of
bumping them off to 1.2.2 and then release again soon.

Any thoughts or objections about this?


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