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From "Maria Odea Ching" <>
Subject Re: Archiva OMG RAS extension
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2008 00:58:20 GMT
Hi Felipe,

Please see in-line comments below.. :)

On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 2:57 AM, Felipe Roos da Rosa

> Hi James & Brett!
> It's being a while since the last email, but only now I had the chance to
> perform some investigation. Now that I did, some other question came up.
> I took an overall look at the archiva running it on my machine. I've also
> downloaded the svn repository for writing a plugin, but I could not get that
> sample working yet (i'm working on - with some luck, i've an environment
> problem). I would like to ask you some things about the repository, and
> how can I handle the generation of pom files.

I don't think the sample plugin has been updated to the latest changes in
the Archiva api, so that might be the reason why it's not working :(

> As long as I understood, we can write a repository content consumer so
> archiva tells us when a new artifact is added to the repository. In our
> context, we would process a ".ras" file, and generate the "pom.xml" that
> makes referente to it. Is that correct? Where can I find more resources
> about the process archiva uses to call its consumers?

You might want to take a look at the RepositoryScanner,
RepositoryScannerInstance and RepositoryContentConsumers (found in
archiva-repository-layer) which touch those parts of calling the consumers
during scanning. The first 2 classes are the ones executed when the
repository scan is triggered (either scheduled or forced from the
Repositories page) while the RepositoryContentConsumers class is like a
utility class which is invoked to execute the consumers after a proxying or
a deployment is made to immediately update the db & index.

I'm not sure if this would be helpful to what you want to do, but since
Archiva 1.1 we implemented RSS feeds of new artifacts in a repo and new
versions of an artifact. More details about this is available here: and if you want to
take a look at the code, it's in the archiva-rss module.

> Another thing is that when browsing through archiva for an artifact, I
> believe that the information archiva shows about the artifact comes from the
> pom.xml file. If so, is there any way to change layout/content of
> the artifact page so we can show customized information about the artifact?

To change the layout of the artifact info page, I think you need to update
the browse.jsp and BrowseAction in archiva-webapp, and RepositoryBrowsing in

Last, but not least, a RAS repository must be enabled with two URLs that
> support POST actions (stated in the spec). One performs searches by keyword,
> and return a list of assets. The other performs a search by logical path and
> brings back a single asset. Is there a way to build that inside
> archiva? Otherwise I would have to write a HTTP wrapper that peform searches
> to archiva...

For this part, I think you can make use of Archiva's search features. It
supports both search by keyword and filtered search. The indexing of the
repository is done by a set of consumers (see archiva-lucene-consumers
component), while the actual search is done by the CrossRepositorySearcher
in the archiva-indexer component.

> Thanks for all your support.
> Kind regards,
> Felipe Roos


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