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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Roadmap for 1.2?
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2008 03:32:56 GMT

I took a look at JIRA and made a few updates. There's still a lot in  
there for 1.2, and also a bunch of stuff in 1.1.x. I also noticed that  
things tended to get pushed out a few times.

We have 1.1.x for things eligible to be fixed now and 1.x for things  
we've deliberately decided not to fix yet, then Future for things that  
are really nice to have.

The more I think about this, it seems a bit artificial. Really, 1.x ==  
1.1.x, but for features. And the features in Future are no less worthy  
than the features in 1.x.

So, I wanted to suggest the following:
* merge Future, 1.1.x and 1.x and call it 1.x. This can just be a list  
of stuff we believe to be valid and is eligible to be fixed now. If  
it's a minor fix, you can merge it to the currently active point  
release branch too.
* Keep the "next version" pretty trim - start with just a few things  
we really want to see done before release, then add things from 1.x  
that are important (use votes as a guide).
* While I'm not saying we should assign things, I think the "next  
release" should only contain things someone has consciously decided  
they could work on.


Aside from this, is the list of stuff for 1.2 correct or should we cut  
it back?


Brett Porter

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