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From "Andrew Heald" <>
Subject Re: Release 1.1.2?
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 10:39:36 GMT
Hi All,

I've now had an excellent experience of 1.1.1 on my Linux environment.
Great! I'm looking forward to 1.1.2.

I've had difficulties at a client site were Archiva performance on Windows
Server has been dogged by the issue in I still have 1.0.2 installed
there and I'm still deploying to a mod_dav managed repo and using Archiva
only as a proxy to that. I'd like to return to deploying directly to

I'm not entirely aware of what has changed, if anything, in the area of
webdav deployment in Archiva. Is it likely that I'll see a resolution to
the problems because there's been significant work in that area?

I'm aware that I might well be labouring a point here. I need to do this
because the client is extremely sensitive to build failures caused by this
sort of thing.

While I'm at it I must also comment on Brett's patch works perfectly for
me and I'd like to see it, or something like it, go mainstream.


On Wed, September 10, 2008 10:09 am, Maria Odea Ching wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'd like to prepare the release for 1.1.2 this week. For this release, the
> following issues have already been resolved:
>     * [MRM-765] - should not be possible to create a proxy connector if
> there are no remote repositories
>     * [MRM-807] - Deployed dll won't be indexed
>     * [MRM-841] - Introducing a new scannable artifact file type requires
> restart in order for some consumers to work
>     * [MRM-880] - Archiva does not start up on Solaris 64-Bit
>     * [MRM-881] - Failing to startup due to invalid bean definition
>     * [MRM-893] - Illegal browse operation allow
>     * [MRM-902] - If path has leading slash when being checked againts
> whitelists and blacklists causes matching failure
>     * [MRM-903] - Repository scanning should not stop when encounters
> error
>     * [MRM-905] - EL Expression failed with empty/not functions
>     * [MRM-911] - Archiva checks user's credentials before guest's rights
> on
> the repository
>     * [MRM-915] - NPE with rss links
>     * [MRM-926] - NPE with search page
>     * [MRM-932] - Error 500 when clicking the Next or Previous icon of the
> results of a search, if user is trying to search for java classes,
> packages
> or methods.
>     * [MRM-934] - For bytecode search, only 1 version of the artifact is
> returned even if there are more than 1 version of that artifact which
> matched the search
>     * [MRM-839] - change RSS URLs
>     * [MRM-848] - Pre-configured repositories initially appear to be empty
>     * [MRM-874] - POM snippet for plugins should be <plugin> not
> <dependency>
> And there is only one remaining issue open:
>     * [MRM-909] - Direct connect proxy setting is ignored after
> undetermined
> event
> I'll take a look at MRM-909 tomorrow and see if I could replicate this
> problem (as it occurs at indefinite times). If I couldn't replicate this
> issue by tomorrow, I'll move it to the next release for further
> investigation :)
> Comments? Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Deng

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