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From "Maria Odea Ching" <>
Subject Release 1.1.2?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:09:05 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to prepare the release for 1.1.2 this week. For this release, the
following issues have already been resolved:

    * [MRM-765] - should not be possible to create a proxy connector if
there are no remote repositories
    * [MRM-807] - Deployed dll won't be indexed
    * [MRM-841] - Introducing a new scannable artifact file type requires
restart in order for some consumers to work
    * [MRM-880] - Archiva does not start up on Solaris 64-Bit
    * [MRM-881] - Failing to startup due to invalid bean definition
    * [MRM-893] - Illegal browse operation allow
    * [MRM-902] - If path has leading slash when being checked againts
whitelists and blacklists causes matching failure
    * [MRM-903] - Repository scanning should not stop when encounters error
    * [MRM-905] - EL Expression failed with empty/not functions
    * [MRM-911] - Archiva checks user's credentials before guest's rights on
the repository
    * [MRM-915] - NPE with rss links
    * [MRM-926] - NPE with search page
    * [MRM-932] - Error 500 when clicking the Next or Previous icon of the
results of a search, if user is trying to search for java classes, packages
or methods.
    * [MRM-934] - For bytecode search, only 1 version of the artifact is
returned even if there are more than 1 version of that artifact which
matched the search
    * [MRM-839] - change RSS URLs
    * [MRM-848] - Pre-configured repositories initially appear to be empty
    * [MRM-874] - POM snippet for plugins should be <plugin> not

And there is only one remaining issue open:

    * [MRM-909] - Direct connect proxy setting is ignored after undetermined

I'll take a look at MRM-909 tomorrow and see if I could replicate this
problem (as it occurs at indefinite times). If I couldn't replicate this
issue by tomorrow, I'll move it to the next release for further
investigation :)

Comments? Thoughts?


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