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From James William Dumay <>
Subject Re: [discuss] repository metadata
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 03:21:21 GMT
Hey Brett,

Brett Porter wrote:
> Any thoughts?
> On 28/07/2008, at 2:31 PM, Brett Porter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For some time (probably close to 2 years!) I've been thinking about  
>> a different way of storing metadata in the repository due to  
>> limitations in Maven's metadata (both the maven-metadata.xml files  
>> and POM files) - primarily a lack of extensibility (and thus the  
>> tie to Maven itself). In addition, I'd like to avoid the  
>> requirement to have a database for Archiva to work (and rather have  
>> it as a useful addition for easy searchability).
I like the sound of that.

>> I think it'd be interesting to start being able to attach arbitrary  
>> metadata to artifacts. For example:
>> * Maven metadata as it does now
>> * OSGi information extracted from the JAR
>> * Ivy metadata so we could bridge those repos and vice-versa
>> * references continuous build results
>> * references to historical coverage, test, etc results
>> * allowing users to add their own metadata types and attach them
>> About a year ago at DevZuz we had a lot of success with a prototype  
>> of a metadata repository (based on the now defunct Eclipse Kepler  
>> project) that could read in Maven repositories but also other  
>> repository types, and then store that in Kepler format and push it  
>> to other sources (we had a JPA store, for example). I'm not  
>> proposing to use any of that, but the idea worked out well.
>> So, I've been thinking about making some changes to Archiva along  
>> these lines.
>> I would see this as becoming the "state" Archiva knows about a  
>> repository (and it should be entirely self-contained). So the  
>> lucene indices, database, and others are purely alternate storage  
>> mechanisms of the metadata for various applications of it.
>> Each element is timestamped making scanning operations simpler.  
>> When you run a particular consumer it can just check if the  
>> metadata for it is there already, and add or update it as needed  
>> (so a "full scan" would be reasonably efficient still).
>> While the metadata can be stored inside the repository, it should  
>> be possible (and maybe preferable?) to store it completely  
>> separately. This also makes it possible for one metadata repository  
>> to represent multiple source artifact repositories (possibly on a  
>> different server - you could run an Archiva scan on that repository  
>> and push metadata updates over JMS/REST to the database/lucene- 
>> backed webapp).
>> I think it would be valuable to use a format that is easily bridged  
>> to web services to avoid too much rework..
As long as the on disk format for Maven repositories does not change  
then I think this is generally a good idea.

>> That's just some of my thoughts for now. What do others think?
>> James, how would this fit with your new repository API?
This would fit easily into the new repository API. It is a simple  
interface that can write, delete and list resources. The specific  
logic for repository proxy is hidden behind a collection of spring  
defined RepositoryProxyInterceptors - so you could plug just about  
anything in there.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to your email :)


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