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From James William Dumay <>
Subject Archiva 1.2 roadmap
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 01:53:31 GMT
Hey guys,
With 1.1 almost out the door I'm already thinking about what we may want
to-do for 1.2.

The last release cycle was pretty long - but we introduced a lot of
features and improvements (bugs, too, I'm sure.. :P ) but I think the
general consensus is that we want to shorten our release cycle. 

I'm proposing that we choose a small amount of feature/improvement
issues for 1.2 and bump the rest to 1.3. Id personally prefer this to be
more of a "engine room" release focusing on parts of Archiva that are
not so user visible.

While being less glamorous, this will allow us to clean up after the big
feature work in 1.2.

Here are a few features/improvements I would like to see in the next
* MRM-749 - Support m2eclipse index format
* MRM-832 - Investigate future security framework options (Spike? Actual
work could probably be scheduled for 1.3)
* MRM-541 - convenient way to take proxies offline
* MRM-684 - clients timeout due to archiva blocking on downloading large

Anyone got anymore? :)


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