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From "Milos Kleint" <>
Subject Re: Archiva search integration in Q4E
Date Mon, 26 May 2008 12:18:02 GMT

Until there's a webservice running 24/7 against central repository,
there's no need to actually consider it for IDE integration I believe.
Additionally the downloadable index can satisfy multiple requests at
once, reasonably fast from multiple repositories. That makes
aggregation of multiple repos reasonably predictable. With webservices
you end up with one server having unreliable response, being down,
unreachable etc. and everything get bogged down.
The upside is always uptodate data, but I'm not convinced it's that
important for index content. a month old central repo is more than

just my 2 cents.

Milos Kleint

PS: the netbeans maven integration is using nexus as primary indexing
engine (more are possible throung pluggable spi) just for this reason:
it has central repo index up.

On 5/26/08, Maria Odea Ching <> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>  Currently, Archiva doesn't have any web service for this yet but it's
>  definitely in the future roadmap (scheduled for 1.2 I think). The repository
>  index file resides by default in the repository directory, but this can be
>  overridden and the location is saved in the config file (archiva.xml). It
>  would be easier if Q4E would be able to use a web service to search the
>  Archiva index instead of having it download the index files from each
>  repository. Do you already have a set date for the next release where the
>  search feature will be included? You may also want to take a look at the
>  archiva-indexer and archiva-lucene consumers modules as these touch the
>  indexing and search part of Archiva.
>  Joakim also started a POC (archiva-jarinfo [1]) a couple of months ago which
>  I think can be used with Q4E, but I'm not sure how much work still needs to
>  be done here =)
>  Thanks,
>  Deng
>  [1]
>  On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 1:08 AM, Michael Poindexter <>
>  wrote:
>  > Hi,
>  >
>  > I'm one of the developers of the Q4E Eclipse plugin for integrating Maven 2
>  > with Eclipse.  One of the features we are adding in the next release is the
>  > ability to search artifacts, both in a search dialog and as autocompletion
>  > when editing a POM xml file.
>  >
>  > Currently we've developed code to support searching the central repository
>  > via the index file that is created of it, but we'd also like to support
>  > searching local repositories like Archiva, Nexus, and Artifactory.  How
>  > would you recommend for me to go about searching the artifacts in an
>  > Archiva
>  > repository?  Is there some index file we can download and use for search?
>  > Some web service we can use?
>  >
>  > Thanks in advance for any pointers!
>  >
>  > Mike Poindexter
>  >

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