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From "Lustig, Marc (Allianz Deutschland AG)" <>
Subject browsing repository the Archiva way
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 14:23:28 GMT
Dear Archiva-developers,

using the "Browse"-function Archiva provides a stylish UI to browse the
However, I have discovered that our developers handle quite often with
links to directories of some artifact in the Archiva-based Maven-repo
This request shows a generic webDAV-page which is rather ugly. It would
be nice to see the stylish "Browse"-page of Archiva.

This request is served by
org.apache.maven.archiva.web.repository.RepositoryServlet, which itself
redirects the webDAV-functionality to plexus-webdav (which is still
(both classes have been implemented by Joakim Erdfelt)

The idea now is to implement a differentiation between file-requests and
- file-requests should not be touched 
- directory-requests should be redirected 
from [app-url]/repository/[reponame]/{suffix}
to [app-url]/browse/{suffix}

I would like to hear your opinion on this idea. Is it a good practise?

Also could you pls advise if it's possible to implement this in
org.apache.maven.archiva.web.repository.RepositoryServlet, or if instead
plexus-webdav needs to be modified. Maybe Joakim can say a word on this.

thanks and best regards

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