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From "Simmons, Robert" <>
Subject Question about Usage or Bug
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 15:39:53 GMT
I use Archiva running in tomcat (latest stable) and I was wondering
about a problem I am having. I was able to add a user to archiva for the
purposes of using the repository. The user is a Global Repository
Manager as well as Global Repository Observer. In addition I have tried
giving them the manager and observer roles on all three repositories we
have set up (thirdparty, internal and internal-snapshots). The user is
also tagged with "Registered User" and not withGuest (though I have
tried that). 
The problem is that the user can deploy artifacts and everything is
peachy but when they attempt to log in through the Archiva UI to browse
the repository or search, they get the error that the login name or
password is incorrect. Ther actual login information has been validated
many times and the user is not locked. 
What I want to do is give my users the ability to log in to search and
browse but not manage repositories in the administrative sense. How do I
go about doing this? 
Thanks for your time. 
Robert Simmons Jr
Senior Software Engineer
ICAT Managers LLC <> 
W: +1 (303) 447-1155 x2431
M: +1 (720) 346-3868

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