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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: NPE on every scheduled database-update
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2008 22:41:16 GMT

On 23/03/2008, at 11:08 PM, Olivier Lamy wrote:

> When I have fixed the first one (fixed here but not yet committed), I
> have found an other one in plexus-spring : the plexus lifecycle is not
> executed in the rigth order [1].
> Configurable is executed first (before Contextualizable) and in the
> TaskQueue component the configure method needs a plexusContainer which
> is normally set with the contextualize method.
> Locally I have fixed the first issue and I'm working on the second
> (respecting the plexus lifecycle order). Now I try find how to get the
> PlexusConfiguration in the PlexusLifecycleBeanPostProcessor class in
> order to execute the configure in the right. But as a non Spring
> expert, I haven't found yet :-).

I couldn't figure that out either, which is why I put configurable in  
the other location :)

- Brett

Brett Porter

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