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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: An experiment with Spring
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 09:53:01 GMT
On 20/02/2008, at 6:33 PM, nicolas de loof wrote:

> What about a Combined Plexus context, where the lookup method both  
> search in
> the plexus components and the springFactory ?
> This would make initialization more complex, but we could use @
> plexus.requirement as is to get spring beans without having to know  
> they are
> managed by spring.

If we think we have a long term requirement for this, then that makes  
a lot of sense - and in fact Carlos did something similar for  
Continuum with an acegi experiment once I believe.

OTOH - since Archiva is a standalone app it would be best to be  
consistent across it since we have that freedom. And actually, because  
of the built-in support in webwork and struts2 for spring IOC, the web  
layer is the easiest to change if everything else is already migrated,  
so there'll be no need for the app itself to primarily be a Plexus run  
app (though it might still have some plexus components we'll want to  
pick up).


Brett Porter

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