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From Rahul Thakur <>
Subject Re: from plexus to spring...
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 19:46:29 GMT
Hi Nicolas,

Sorry, I have looked at the recent updates to the code, hence my 
question. Is this 'ready' enough to be used outside Archiva? I'd like to 
integrate this into Continuum.

I think it might make sense to have this module in Plexus SVN repo - wdyt?

Good stuff!


nicolas de loof wrote:
> Hello,
> I've repackaged and improved the spring support for plexus components in a
> dedicated poject
> -->
> This new module provides runtime translation from plexus component
> descriptors to a Spring XML context, using a simple XSL file and a custom
> ApplicationContext. Any existing plexus jars can then be used in a spring
> context.
> It defines a custom <plexus:> spring-namespace. Under the hood a custom
> FactoryBean handles plexus components field-injection and (some) lifecycle
> interfaces. As I discover plexus features by testing on archiva, I'd be
> pleased to get more infos on plexus IoC specificities.
> It also provides a PlexusInSpringTestCase that is a replacement class for
> PlexusTestCase, providing equivalent methods and behavior.
> I've applied this (in springy branch) on archiva-policies and archiva-proxy
> (with some test failures in latest I have to investigate)
> On this basis and with the required improvements, I thing this is a nice way
> to move archiva (or other plexus-based app) to spring and then gradually
> refactor plexus components, either using Spring annotation or XML context
> files (my +1 for context files).
> Nicolas.

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