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From James William Dumay <>
Subject MRM-684 - Solving Archiva Blocking
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 03:18:43 GMT
Hey guys,
I've been investigating the problem described in MRM-684 for the last
week or so and so far I have come up with the following.

* Data from a remote repository should be streamed back to the client as
it is being received.
* Both Wagon and Plexus webdav handle resources only as valid file
* Fixing Plexus Webdav is a relatively simple change. 
* Wagon makes a lot of sense in Maven in its current state - its a
library built for the needs of Maven and Maven only.
* Changing Wagon to support streams instead of files is difficult
without taking away what makes Wagon great for Maven (A simple resource
transport layer)

What I'm want to propose is the removal of Wagon and replacing it with a
more flexible library (perhaps we could cook something up with

So what do you think? Suggestions?

James Dumay

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