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From James William Dumay <>
Subject Archiva 1.1 Roadmap
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 06:06:59 GMT
Hey guys,
Just wanted to help kick off our way to a 1.1 release

Here have been a few things that have been at the back of my mind. I
think this is a list we should pick and choose from:

* Reduce memory consumption
* Preemptive artifact synchronisation
* Eliminate client side blocking when artifacts are being downloaded
from remote repositories.
* Ability to take repositories (both managed and remote) offline (See
* Communication with remote repositories should be done asynchronously
* Web UI for deploying artifacts
* Plugin subsystem. We already have this for consumers but we really
should have features like search, dependency graphing and browsing as
plugins so we can turn bad behaving features and also give a way for
users to create their own functionality.

One item I wanted to single out is the separation between managed
repositories used for publishing and those used for caching artifacts
from remote repositories. I don't think it makes much sense to have a
managed repository that can do both.

This separation would allow us to have:
* Provide indexing, browsing and search only for "publishing" (See foot
* RSS feeds for new artifacts in published repositories.

Foot note:
Allowing to search proxied data is a broken idea - its an incomplete
view of a remote repositories and when your dealing with tens of
gigabytes of metadata and artifacts this becomes painful and slow.

Anyway, I look forward to your comments.

James Dumay

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