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From Dário Oliveros <>
Subject Re: Help on how Archiva consumers work
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 11:35:06 GMT

Thank you for letting me contribute with such a nice project. I appreciate
BTW do you happen to have any code style formatter profile for Eclipse
Europa ? I noticed Archiva's is a little bit different from Java Convention
profile and I could not find it anywhere.

Maria Odea Ching-2 wrote:
> Okey dokey, thanks a lot Dario!  :-)
> -Deng
> Dário Oliveros wrote:
>> Good to hear from you.
>> I had made some code changes before getting your response back and
>> surprisingly I was on the right track by working on pretty much the same
>> steps as you've suggested in the first place. The only difference was
>> regarding the UnprocessedArtifactPredicate to where I added a new
>> condition
>> for checking whether whenProcessed date is before lastModified instead of
>> using snapshot verification. Besides I changed the else statement of
>> ArtifactsProcessedConstraint by adding the same verification as shown
>> previously:
>> whereClause = "whenProcessed == null || (whenProcessed != null &&
>> whenProcessed < lastModified)";
>> In your third step, I went for the date checking instead of checksum.
>> Anyway it looks like your second solution is better since it tends to be
>> cleaner than the first one.
>> I will take a look and let you know as soon as I can. Once I fix the
>> issue,
>> I will post the patch for your analysis.
>> Thank you so much for your support.
>> Maria Odea Ching-2 wrote:
>>> Hi Dario,
>>> I think the solution you've proposed would work.. to implement it, these 
>>> are probably what you need to change in Archiva:
>>> 1. update the UnprocessedArtifactPredicate
>>>     - add the constraint to get the SNAPSHOT artifacts as you've 
>>> mentioned (there is a 'snapshot' field in the ArchivaArtifactModel which 
>>> flags whether the artifact is a snapshot or not, though using this would 
>>> return all snapshots -- unique & non-unique)
>>> 2. update UnprocessedArtifactPredicate
>>>     - add check if artifact isProcessed() OR isSnapshot() for the 
>>> condition the artifact needs to satisfy
>>> 3. update ProjectModelToDatabaseConsumer
>>>     - in the statement if( hasProjectModelInDatabase(...) ) is 
>>> satisfied, the project model/pom file should be verified against the 
>>> existing project model (in the db) if there were updates or changes made 
>>> to it (maybe via the lastModified date or via its checksum). If there 
>>> are changes, then the existing project model must be removed from the db 
>>> and the new project model shall be added.
>>> I've also thought of another way to tackle this issue..
>>> You could just update the DatabaseCleanupRemoveProjectModelConsumer to 
>>> add checking for changes in the project models/pom files of those 
>>> artifacts that have already been processed. If the project model has 
>>> been changed, just remove the project model from the db and update the 
>>> ArchivaArtifactModel's "whenProcessed" field to NULL so that it would 
>>> qualify in the UnProcessedArtifactPredicate(false) constraint. The other 
>>> thing that needs to be done is to update the JdoDatabaseUpdater's 
>>> update() method -- just switch the lines updateAllUnprocessed() and 
>>> updateAllProcessed() inside it. updateAllProcessed() should be executed 
>>> first  before updateAllUnprocessed() in order to capture the updates 
>>> performed in DatabaseCleanupRemoveProjectModelConsumer.
>>> More thoughts/suggestions anyone? :-)
>>> Thanks,
>>> Deng
>>> Dário Oliveros wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I would like to understand why a processed artifact does not have
>>>> update-db-project consumer in case of a non-unique SNAPSHOT project
>>>> (please
>>>> refer to for more information).
>>>> The reason for bringing this up is that the database is not being
>>>> updated
>>>> accordingly when a non-unique SNAPSHOT project with dependency version
>>>> changes is deployed once again to Archiva repository. Even though it
>>>> contains differences compared to the previous one, it's considered
>>>> processed
>>>> already and therefore not updated. It looks like a bug in my opinion
>>>> and
>>>> I
>>>> would like to contribute for this fix.
>>>> Should I change the query constraint for unprocessed artifacts
>>>> (ArtifactsProcessedConstraint(false)) so it also retrieves the
>>>> non-unique
>>>> SNAPSHOT projects or add a new consumer to processed artifacts for
>>>> database
>>>> update ?
>>>> Any tips or pointers would be appreciated.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Dário

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