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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: more thoughts on proxy logging
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 22:11:03 GMT

On 12/11/2007, at 4:53 PM, Joakim Erdfelt wrote:

> OK, what I got from this is some proxy logging guidelines.
> 1) Always include the source repository id
> 2) Always include the resource being requested
> 3) Use DEBUG severity level for normal (happy path) events.
> 4) Use INFO severity level for whitelist / blacklist rejections.
> 5) Use INFO severity level for transfer rejections due to policy  
> failures.
> 6) Use WARN severity level for connection / transfer errors from
>* or wagon.

and a few other things in there I was more specific about, like  
minimising the number of lines logged (for easier viewing and less  
confusion due to interleaving as load goes up)

> Some questions that are left.
> * Do we consider the target repository id to be important to always  
> log?

yes, even more so than the managed (source) repo

> * Do we show the resource (the path) or the artifact (the
> group:artifact:version:classifier:type key) in the log?

don't care as long as it's consistent. Will there be instances before  
calculating the artifact that it needs to be logged? What about  

> * Do we show in the log a "whats left" list of repositories that
> can/will be checked next? (and indications if no more proxies are  
> being
> checked?)

No, just one time log them all. I don't think it should be necessary  
if the log line aggregates that information which I think is what I  
was suggesting.

> * Do we log the network proxy setting? that it is being used?
>    If so, then at what severity level?

I don't think I want to see it all the time - maybe just when a conn  

> Note: I'm considering creating a ProxyEvents object (or just  
> methods in
> DefaultProxyConnector)  to maintain a consistent logging experience.
> .logEvent(String sourceRepoId, String targetRepoId, String resource,
> String msg)
> .logRejection(String sourceRepoId, String targetRepoId, String  
> resource,
> String rejectionType, String reason)
> .logError(String sourceRepoId, String targetRepoId, String resource,
> String where, String reason, boolean continuing)
> Idea here it to abstract the logging, and force/remind the  
> developer to
> include certain information, and make the formatting consistent (to  
> have
> a consistent user experience)

Seems to make sense, though could equally be done with methods in the  
proxy connector implementation too.

- Brett

Brett Porter -

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